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About Us

Reusable Finds aka is a living dream of founder, Virginia L. Mergener. Virginia is a native San Diegan with a knack for taking something old and creating something new and chic! She turns secondhand finds into firsthand style!

It was no surprise to Virginia's family when she told them she wanted to start a business with the goal of keeping as many reusable items as possible out of our landfills and give them a new life. As a young lady, she always found ways to repurpose things. She would come home with items she found at a yard sale, or items that some would say, “reached its usable life” and say, “I know what I can do with that”.

Her appreciation and contagious passion for recycling, restoring & re-creating evolved into, which today is shared by her family. Reusable Finds is a family business with help from her three sons, Robert, Peter and Gabriel. Virginia says, "It makes me proud to see my three sons keeping it out of the landfills one find at a time".

It is Reusable Finds' desire that their dreams, willingness and commitment to making a difference brings more awareness to the fact that we all must make an effort to recycle, repurpose and reuse more often.

"We have faith that our efforts are a step toward making this earth a better place for our children and future generations as well as to inspire our children that there is good use in all. It's just allowing ourselves to take a closer look at the potential', says Virginia.

Recycle, Repurpose and Reuse!



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