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Reusable Ideas
Old Chair Get New Life

Ideas on how you too can turn outcast items into treasured finds.

Do you have items in your give away pile headed out the door? Why not give those
items new life, so you can enjoy it in a whole new way.

Many of the pieces we repurpose had seen better days before we got ahold of them. They have been revived and ready for years of reuse and enjoyment left for others to enjoy!

relocate - Give it a new location and offer it a new purpose.

mirrors - place in garden, or any small area for larger effect.Place them as a table top.

drawers - dresser drawers can be used to hold many items, such as your favorite books, magazines, flatware, chargers, linens or in coming or out going mail.

television cabnet- can be use for quilts, extra blankets, pillow, towels, books, cd or compact office.

seats - piano seat can be use in your bedroom as a place to sit and put your shoes on, side table, or bench for added sitting at dinning table.

Keep in mind there is no need to completely change everthing about the item to repurpose it.

Dig deep for those imaginative ideas for repurposeing your finds!

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