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Sustainability Policy

Reusable Finds is dedicated to protecting the natural environment and is committed to sustainable practices which incorporate environmental considerations in order to minimize the negative impact on the environment. Reusable Finds promotes environmentally responsible strategies through the collaborative efforts of its' stakeholders by balancing economic, environmental, and community objectives.

Reusable Finds continues to add and expand their sustainability policy and green programs in a commitment to minimize their impact on the earth’s ecosystems.

Your support is an integral component of our success. Join Reusable Finds in our efforts in reducing waste, conserving, reusing and recycling resources.

There are many ways to make your office and business green in order to better preserve the environment. Below is a list of actions we have committed to take as a responsible business to be green. We would love to invite you to do the same.

a. Invest in waste containers to recycle items, such as paper, bottles, plastics, laser toner, inkjet, cell phones, printers and computer.

b. Make it a habit to utilize natural lighting as much as possible. Turn off the lights when you leave any room for 15 minutes or longer and use energy-efficient lighting.

c. Reduce the use of air-conditioning and heat (Reusable Finds has done away with both). Keep warmer clothes at your office for colder days, so you can put on another layer instead of asking to turn up the heat! When warm, open windows.

d. Prepare work lunches whenever possible. Use reusable containers to hold lunch items and beverages, such as plates, utensils, and napkins.

e. Print only if necessary. When printing is in order, be sure to print on both sides of paper, use a smaller font size so less printing is required, print drafts on used paper. and make note pads from scrape paper. Fax only if necessary (Reusable Finds has done away with Faxing). All business billing is produced electronically. All marketing material is sent out electronically rather than in paper format.

f. Look for products that help conserve energy, such as longer-life, eco-friendly light bulbs and energy efficient printers, copiers, faxes, and smart electrical strip that stops idle current.

g. Create less waste in the office. It’s also about buying products that are made to last longer or reusing items you already have to keep it out of the landfill. Buy 100% recycled product when possible.

h. Request newsletters, magazine or catalogs be sent to you via email. When hard copies are sent to you, recycle by sharing issue with friends, family and request that they are recycled after use.

i. Carpool, cycle or use public transportation when possible. Plan errands so that fewer trips out of the office are taken.

j. Cut down on unnecessary packaging if the need to mail out anything. Use reused packing materials or USPS boxes that are cradle-to-cradle certified for ecologically intelligent design, and use recycled, tree-free.

k. Offset carbon dioxide emission created by business travel.

l. Adopt a business eco-community project. Give staff time, money and facilities to participate in voluntary environmental/community.

m. Staff is encouraged to contribute recommendations for the current environmental/sustainability policy.

n. REUSABLE FINDS aims to work with the most environmentally aware/community involved business.

o. Educate customers on sustainability.

p. REUSABLE FINDS donates 1% of sales to environmental organizations who are doing essential work to save the planet.

REUSABLE FINDS also participates in events sponsored by National Wildlife Federation that support protecting and creating wildlife and their natural habitats, and Flyway Cities Coalition that protect and restore wildlife habitat, the Arbor Day Federation that encourages the planting of desperately need conservation trees across the land. Owners of Reusable Finds currently serve as certified Habitat Stewards, as they work to raise awareness of environmental issues and the importance.

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