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Vintage Staging Rentals is a Division of Reuablefinds

Staging a vintage scene? Check out our Vintage Finds!

Create your own very unique vintage space.

Whether you are staging a scene for your wedding, publication photo shoot,
engagement photo session, creating your own cozy vignette, or just need to get that
barn sold, let us show you some of our one of a kind vintage staging finds.

Here is a list of our items that will allow you to create your own special environment:

Mirrors, Ceramic Pots, Chairs, Stools, Linens, Doilies, Lighting, Frames,Tables, Chest, Farm Ware, Garden Tools, Cast Iron Pans, Wired Baskets, Tins, Mantels, Windows, Glassware, Saucers, Cake Plates, Electronics, Windmill, Vintage Cameras, Trunks, Books, Vintage Sheet Music, Sewing Machines, Scales, Watering Cans, Mini Wooden Green Ladder, Clocks,, Cigar Boxes, staplers, Oil Cans, Typewriters, Cartridge Pens, Vintage Matchbooks, Suitcases, Fancy Dancy Extras, Plants in Vintage Ware and more...much more eclectic finds!

Vintage, Mid Century, Antique, Vintage Chic, Hollywood Glam, or Shabby Vintage, we will find it for you!

Perfume Bottles
Vintage Staging Rental Purfume Bottles

Vanity Trays/MirrorsVintage Staging Rental Purfume Bottles

Other staging ideas:Check your recycle bin and use your imagination when you are staging. Re-purpose old tin, bottles, and paper for your next project. A little paint, cloth or wall paper can give new life and pop to something that was headed to the garbage.

Check back soon for our new layout of vintage finds!

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